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Medical aesthetics is an umbrella term for all medically guided cosmetic treatments and procedures used to improve the appearance. Each treatment plays a specific role in helping a patient enhance the face or body. No matter where you want improvements, there is a treatment for you.

Everyone has the right to feel good in the skin they’re in. Age, weight changes, lifestyle choices, and stress can all take a toll on your appearance and the way you feel about yourself. Starting each day knowing that you look your best boosts self-confidence. We all know how far confidence goes in the modern world. A ray of hope can radiate outward to light up opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise notice.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, the friendly and professional staff at Jeanna Masone can help. They offer the most comprehensive selection of medically guided aesthetic treatments in the Sayville area.

Mission Statement

Jeanna Masone ANP PLLC is an Aesthetic Medical practice founded by Jeanna Masone Adult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner in the historic waterfront town of Sayville NY.  Our mission is to make Medical aesthetics more friendly, dynamic, and personable. We are passionate about the idea that beauty is timeless, and you can feel confident at any age.  We offer creative solutions like our membership packages to help patients make aesthetic treatments a part of their daily life. 
Historically, the aesthetics and the plastic surgery industry has been intimidating for many.  We strive to change that. No matter your age, problem, gender, or starting point we are here to help.

We offer free consultations and remind our clients that you never know what is possible until you ask. We are not just another spa. Although we like to relax, and we like to put cucumbers over our eyes as much as the next person we know that will not help as look as young as we feel. Aging, lifestyle, weight, and genetics can all contribute to an appearance that doesn’t reflect all the youth that’s bubbling inside you. The way we look should inspire us to live life more fully, but sometimes it’s just a reminder of yesterday. When your appearance is getting you down,  Jeanna Masone is an Aesthetic Artist that can help you look and feel brand new. At Jeanna Masone, we’re pleased to offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments to our patients.

What's the

Difference Between
Aesthethics and
Spa Aesthetics?

You won’t find aesthetic medicine treatment everywhere. We are bringing the sophistication of popular plastic surgeons offices located in NYC, Manhattan and the North Shore of Long Island to the sleepy sea-side of town of Sayville. Look refreshed and beautiful without leaving the comfort of your hometown. Some cosmetic services don’t require a medical degree to perform, but others do. Many patients prefer receiving treatment from an experienced and trained medical professional even when a medical degree isn’t required.
We find that our clients prefer seeing a female nurse practitioner for their aesthetic needs because they have specialized education and training, as well as superior artistry and skill.


Medical Aesthethics do for me?

Aesthetic medicine is a broad field that can help all the most common physical concerns people have while offering a plethora of benefits. Many of these treatments are fast, painless, and require no downtime after your appointment. Patients of all ages and genders visit our state-of-the-art office to: