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These treatments are signature treatments that combine Botox and Fillers for maximum revitalization of the face.

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Beauty Boosting Treatments

Russian Doll Lips

At Jeanna Masone PLLC Aesthetic Artist, our lip filler service is a little different than you might find elsewhere. We use a unique tenting technique to create vertical height of the lips. Restalyne Kysse lip filler is used in combination with a Botox lip flip for a very voluptuous lip, that is often emulated but never replicated. We also offer a completely pain free lip injection process as our advanced injectors are well versed in creating a "ring block" similar to what is used during dental procedures.

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Botox Beauty Bar 
Brow Lift

As we age we often suffer from hooded eyelids. In the past the only cure for this was surgery. Botox Beauty Bar is known for our Botox Brow Lifts, that open the eye and arch the eyebrow for a refreshed look.

Millenial Cheek Pop

Sometimes stress and weight loss, cause us to lose volume in the mid face area. This can create a drawn and tired look. With the millenial cheek pop, Restalyne Lyft and Contour are used to boost the midface area and bring back that rounded youthful appearance. This is one of our most requested services for the instant WOW factor.

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Signature Treatments

Photos and Descriptions

Filler Face Lift

As we age, our bones, muscles and fat shift beneath our skin. This leaves us with the primary issue of aging which is excess skin.

 We have created, perfected and utilized this liquid injectable face lift technique on many Baby Boomer era clients and with beautiful long lasting results that are very natural.

  This method employs Restalyne Lyft and Contour, Mint PDO threads and PRF injections. 

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Eye Refresh

Dark, puffy and tired eyes with poor skin elasticity are a marker of aging. We utilize Restalyne filler , PRF and smooth threads beneath the eyes to brighten them up for a youthful glow.

Lips and Lines

Even if we do not smoke, smokers lines can form around the mouth in the 4th and 5th decade of life. This has troubled many of our clients. We created lips and lines to camouflage the dreaded smokers lines and smooth out the wrinkles surrounding the mouth in the lower third of the face. One of our clients favorite treatments and much sought after.

  We use Restalyne Refyne and a tenting technique first published by Dr. Tom Van Eijk that we were able to pursue advanced training for and perfect for our mature clients with great success. 

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Temple Restoration

Replace lost volume

Temple Restoration is often neglected by other providers but through aging we begin to have hollowing at the temples. In the industry we lovingly refer to this volume loss as "peanut head". 

 Filling this area with Restalyne Filler can create a youthful proportion and restore the tail of the brow to a reinvigorated youthful position. 


Global Face

A total face BOOST

Neurotoxin, Fillers, Threads and PRF are used in this global approach to rejuvenate the face and neck and achieve the fountain of youth.

Please note-

All photos on this page are actual patients who have undergone these procedures at our clinic, other than the graphic depicting the signs of aging.  Individual results may vary. Photos should not be duplicated without permission. 

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Beauty Boosting Treatments

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Financing Available

Have a cosmetic treatment or procedure in mind but worry about the cost? We accept both Cherry Finance & CareCredit credit card to help you fit aesthetic treatments into your budget.

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