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Aesthetics can be intimidating!

Botox Beauty Bar wants to change that. No matter your gender, age, problem, budget or starting point we are here to help.

Hair Restoration

With PRF


Restore your hair (naturally)

We have many male clients and time and time again they stated concern for receding hair line, thinning hair and dreaded baldness. We use EZ-PRF to extract and condense your bloods own concentrated stem cells. These stem cells restore the hair! 

Natural, long lasting and affordable results without hormones, prescriptions, lotions and creams! 


Actual Hair Restoration Client

Client received three treatments of EZ-PRF/ microneedling spaced 4 weeks apart to achieve these results.

Our Skin Care

ZO skin health leads Medical Grade Skin Care. It combines luxury with science for the health and longevity of your skin. 

At Jeanna Masone ANP PLLC we provide an elevated experience for our clients, and we are sure to use the only the highest quality products. 

See our online store below. 

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A dynamic personalized experience!

Our facials are performed by a Medical  Esthetician under the supervision of a Nurse Practitioner & Physician.

Experience the difference of prescription only Medical Grade Skin care by ZO and Neova.

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