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Aging in your 50's


In your 50s….

You are seeing 50 years of sun damage, muscle wasting, fat loss and loss of skin elasticity.

They say that aging is a problem of excess skin. Your skin has lost the ability to tightly shrink wrap around your face.

The face can of course be lifted through face lift surgery, but cost and downtime may deter some from this option.

If you decide that surgery is not for you an Injector like me, can offer several treatment methods to increase the youthfulness of your appearance.

We take a multifactorial approach.

The first step is getting your skin healthy by using medical grade skin care prescribed by a physician or nurse practitioner. At our practice we use and wholeheartedly recommend #zoskinhealth

The second step is Micro needling with PRP / PRF and or medium to deep chemical peels skin resurfacing. These interventions help in removing fine lines & wrinkles and helping with discoloration and texture problems.

Next a combination of facial fillers and threads can restore lost volume and reduce the appearance of excessive skin by stimulating your body to produce collagen and elastin.

Although anti-aging treatments in your 50s can be a process, even one treatment can help enhance your confidence and beauty.

Please don’t hesitate to come to the office for a free consultation. You never know what is possible until you ask.

Jeanna Masone ANP-C

Aesthetic Artist

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