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The Jeanna Masone PLLC Aesthetic Artist Difference

Look Great. Feel Amazing.


Meet Jeanna

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

My name is Jeanna Masone. (Ziminski) I am 37 years old. I am an adult nurse practitioner, and I graduated from Stony Brook University in 2012. I spent a the majority of my nursing career working in ICU, perioperative services and most recently Cardiology.

I have always been very extra. I was routinely accused of being overdressed, over made-up and over dramatic. I loved hair, makeup and beauty.

4 years ago I was able to seek post masters level training under leading plastic surgeons in Manhattan and the tri state area and pursue courses in Aesthetics. I was then able to combine my two greatest passions in life, beauty and medicine.

I created Jeanna Masone Aesthetic Artist as a brand and opened a location in picturesque Sayville NY on the gorgeous South Shore of Long Island.

I called this magical place “The Botox Beauty Bar”.

It has become an extremely sought after fountain of youth in town!

We are at an exciting point where aging is now an option and is something we can do on our own terms.

I believe the pursuit of beauty is timeless. My clients are beautiful and elegant and frequently put me to shame.

You can be gorgeous and confident in every decade of life, and still look natural while giving yourself a little boost.

If you are looking for a dynamic personalized anti aging experience with a caring provider please come and meet with me.

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