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Is it OK to lose yourself entirely in motherhood?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Mommy Guilt :

Are you a bad mom for putting yourself first occasionally?

Are you an even worse MOM for spending money on BOTOX or cosmetic procedures?

I did a treatment for a client the other day. Through the entire treatment which was supposed to relaxing mind you, she kept saying that since she had kids, she doesn’t do anything for herself.

Many clients in fact over the years have told me they don't leave the house much; they deny themselves hairstyles and manicures. Much to my dismay, it is almost like a badge of honor.

I am sure they have good intentions; but personally, I do not feel that this is sustainable. It is not healthy to put yourself all the way at the bottom of the priority list.

One day your children will look up with those puppy dog eyes wondering why you are so resentful. Is it because you feel unkempt, and just plain burnt out?

When a partner or spouse gives the other partner time to for self care it says " I value you. " Maybe partners in the past decades have not placed significance on self-care but as women it is our time to ask for what we need.

I know my own Mom stopped taking care of herself when she had children 40 years ago. And she never went back to it. It's very hard to reclaim your identity.

Maybe your idea of self-care doesn’t involve Botox or a medical spa at all. You still deserve a nice walk on the beach, a trashy romance novel and luxurious bubble bath.

Whatever activity that restores your soul and makes you smile. You should go do that.

Life is much too short to neglect yourself. Being a wife and mom can be all encompassing. Do not lose sight of the fact that before those responsibilities you were a beautiful desirable woman, and you are still that same person.

Jeanna Masone ANP PLLC

Owner Botox Beauty Bar


Mom of 3 boys

3 French Bulldogs

2 Cats

2 Parakeets

1 Lizard

too many turtles and fish to count..

Leave a comment if you have Mommy Guilt !

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