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Peanut Head

I love peanut butter as much as the next guy. I have been known to grab a spoonful or two right of the jar. Possibly not the best practice during these COVID pandemic times.

But let me tell you something I fear... the dreaded PEANUT HEAD.

Something that occurs with aging is what we injectors refer to as "peanut head". A baby's face is round and full of fat. That facial fat remains evenly distributed throughout your youth, with pockets that plump the forehead, temples and cheeks, as well as beneath the eyes and around the mouth.

Cue to you mid 40's, facial fat has begun to lose volume and drift downward, clumping around your chin, jaw and neck. This creates the dreaded peanut head I am referring to. A narrow upper face with prominent temples, and a fuller, baggier saggy jawline.

The good news is with correct placement of facial fillers, thread lifts and other aesthetic modalities we can fight these aging related changes.

If you are beginning to notice increase widening of the lower proportions of your own face, it is something to consider.

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