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This week someone pointed out how small our office is..

We are actually on our third office. To us this feels like making progress. The first office was in my garage. The second office was in a Haunted Mansion that George Washington slept in a few times. So, to me treated my me and not encounter a power tool, or the ghost of a former United States President means I am evolving. We should evolve until the day we die.

Instead of getting defensive I wish to share my philosophy. When I have a client in my office, I give them my undivided attention to the best of my ability. I work on boosting their self-esteem and building our friendship. True the office is only about 420 square feet, and it might sometimes feel smaller because I like to collect antiques.

I try to get to know my clients on a personal level. Some I have known for a great number of years. Before long a deep relationship and trust develops.

I think my personality is better suited to a boutique type practice where although it has grown and it is profitable, I am still able to prioritize spending time with my

clients. We are just souls traveling down the path of life together, and I have really met such kind and lovely people. Thanks for sticking with me!


Do we need a bigger office?

  • yes

  • no

  • eventually yes

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