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What is the pre-jowl sulcas and how can we make it less depressing?

By popular demand I have decided to elaborate on some of the aging related changes the occur to the lower third of the face.

This is an especially troubling area for many of my clients!

What is a pre-jowl and how is it making you look older? Everyone knows how jowls can ruin a perfectly young-looking face. Pre-jowls are the depression in front of jowls. They have been called “bags”, “chicken cutlets” by my clients and are the dreaded hanging areas noted in Zoom meetings & the occasional accidental selfie at a poor angle!

The creases that form in this area is

often called “marionette lines or folds.” The pre-jowls visually break up the appearance of the jawline, causing it to appear baggy and saggy.

This area is sometimes treated with a facelift especially in clients that are 60, 70 or 80 years or greater. But for those who do not like the idea of surgery, we offer many non invasive treatments. Pre-jowl sulcas area can be treated with a combination of Botox, dermal fillers, PDO threads and even microneedling to increase collagen and elastin production, improve texture and restore lost volume!

I would say the pre jowl sulcas is one of the more challenging aspects to treat but also the most rewarding!

Let us create an individualized treatment plan for you! Let’s eradicate pre jowls and regular jowls too in 2022!

copyright December 30th 2021

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