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What’s your opinion on Botox?

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

I had a client the other evening for injectables. She paused in horror as she was leaving and said “I hope nobody sees me leaving your office, the Botox Beauty Bar”.

She kind of covered her face and slunk down the staircase in shame.

I was a bit dismayed and she was already gone so I didn’t have a chance to come up with a snappy clever answer.

It left me thinking though. Is a Botox treatment something to be embarrassed about?

I am sure people do judge me and my clients.

Maybe using Injectables is looked down upon as frivolous.. or fake.

But for me and my following looking good and preserving our appearance is a priority. We go to the gym, we attempt to eat a healthy diet, stay out of the sun, say NO to drugs, excessive alcohol, try to manage stress.

Most of us have had plastic surgery, fake nails, eyelash extensions, and the list goes on.

Can we skip injectables sure, but we just wouldn’t look or feel as good…

There was a time when no one colored their hair, or got manicures or shaved down there.

I say let’s leave the past in the past. That includes grey hair, a 70s porn bush, and being as wrinkled as a damn raisinette.

Just my thoughts on the subject


Your favorite Botox B*tch

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