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Why is Botox so expensive?

Points from a provider to consider.

Lately, we have been fielding a tremendous volume of walk ins, phone calls, DMS, and other forms of communication asking about pricing. I know it is reflective of the current financial times and I wish to make our pricing as transparent as I can.

We do not charge per unit of Botox or any other neurotoxin. We charge by the area, for instance the forehead cost $300 and crows feet and 11’s cost $220 respectively. We also offer a small discount to our loyal clients who return for repeat dosing every 3 to 4 months. We have additionally partnered with CareCredit and Cherry financing for those who prefer a payment plan option.

From my experience, I have established that per the area pricing is more practical. Clients are paying for results not the number of units. Great disparity exists across the aesthetic field regarding dosing/dilution & even products used.

Therefore I would rather assess your face and dose according to my experience rather than what another injector may or may not have told you was administered.

In NY for Botox administered by a Plastic Surgeon you can expect to pay $13-$17 a unit. For Botox administered by a Nurse Practitioner like myself you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $12 a unit. Manufactures guideline calls for 64 units per face for three areas. That means that total face toxin can cost from $640 to well over $1000.

Please do your own research, as any lower pricing that you see will likely be a gimmick to draw you in the door. Our pricing is on par with our peers and perhaps slightly lower in some instances.

Remember you are paying for my years of experience, advanced training, including training on how to prevent and correct emergencies, malpractice insurance, employee payroll, physician fees, rent, supplies, & Botox itself which is a luxury product.

Due to the pandemic and the underlying inflation & economy costs are increasing everywhere and aesthetics is no exception.

I stand behind my fees, 100%. I am happily willing to answer any questions as are the office staff. We can be contacted at 631. 268.0086, or via office email We are available for complimentary consultations during which we can discuss how we can achieve your beauty goals while staying within your budget.

I never set out to provide the cheapest Botox but I do set out to provide the best experience for my clients, and I will continue to do so.

Thank you for reading.

Jeanna and Desiree

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